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Freedom within limits

Have you ever heard of Montessori or Steiner education? Do you think your children should be educated in a different and happier way of learning?

If thats the case, Curve Lab's balance boards are the most suitable tools for your kids. Montessori philosophy as well as Steiner philosophy-more known as Waldorf education- is a child focused approach which enhances cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of children. This method is most of the times, especially in younger ages, facilitated by especially designed materials-tools that boost children's development and way of learning, such as the Curve Lab's balance boards. Playing with these arcs the children can transform them into a lot of different things and also play with them in a lot of different ways. In this way they develop their sensorial concepts such as dimension, texture, shape or even color.
Curve Lab's balance board can be used by the kids as a normal surfboard, as a bridge, as a table, as a tunnel, as a ladder or whatever their imagination can think of. The key in this process, is that they are given the freedom to choose how they work on these arcs and what they work on. It's the perfect model of "discovery", where children learn concepts from working-playing with new materials on their own or with company, in their own environment or a different one and most importantly without any direct instruction. So it's a better way of learning with more freedom and less guidance.

Article by Elgina

 photo by @dymekmarta