Rocking Horse + Perfect Arc Felt Balance Board

€130,80 €218,00

The wooden rocking horse is add on to the Perfect Arc Felt balance board.

It is made of beech plywood. It is protected with natural paint from water and all the wood used comes from sustainable growth. The wooden horse is made of environmentally friendly materials that are not allergenic.
Its parts are cut with a high-precision CNC machine, so that the toy has no sharp edges and is safe for children.

The classic wooden rocking horse offers lots of fun and, at the same time, supports your child's muscle development as well as motor coordination.

It can be used by children over 2 years of age and must be used under adult supervision.

The toy can withstand a load of up to 50 kg.

Rocking Horse Designed by STUDIO ENYO

Wooden balanced board made in Greece. Great for development. 

When on the ground as a bridge the top part is at 180mm from the ground

The bottom of the board is covered with felt fabric to protect the floor and reduce slipping.

Age: 2 to 100 years
Use weight: Up to 160 kilos
Material - Low formaldehyde emissions  plywood
Board weight: 3,5 kg
water-based Coating