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It's undoubtable that the coronavirus epidemic has come so unexpectedly in our lives and as it seems it will be part of our lives for a long time. We all need to be more careful and spend more time in a safe environment and what's better than our homes.
But staying at home, can sometimes be boring and monotonous not only for the adults, but also for the younger ones, as they are not able to understand the concept of staying at home to keep safe. So, how can we make this stay a little bit more different, more lively and fascinating for our little monsters.? We need imagination now more than ever in a way that will entertain them and keep them busy while working on something new and attractive.

Therefore, there is no better solution than playing with the Curve Lab's arcs. These balance boards are super eco friendly, as they are made of wood from sustainable sources and certified raw materials, in order to protect the environment and ourselves. They can be used in so many different ways from the kids and offer a new way of learning. Moreover, these wooden boards are based on a method of education called Montessori, that focuses on a self-directed activity that amplifies the hands-on learning and also the collaborative play of the children. Using these arcs, the kids are able to make their own creative choices in their learning in such a beneficial way for them. But both parents and children can be benefited from this way of playing and learning while staying at home. Curve Lab's balance boards, let the parents just guide the process of playing in the best educational way for their children, strengthening their sensorial concepts and the endless possibilities of using them with the kids' endless imagination can also be the answer to combat a boring and tedious day at home. #staysafeandplayathome

Article by Elgina                                                                          photo by @katiedshaw



photo by @raisingwilliamsydneycharles